Tree Removal Application/Permit

1) The Declaration of Rights, Restrictions, Affirmation Obligations, Conditions, Etc. (the 'Class A and Class B Convenants') contain a convenant prohibiting the removal of any tree measuring six (6) inches or more in diameter at a point two (2) feet above ground level without permission of the Amelia Island Management. The covenants are recorded and run with all lands located within Amelia Island Plantation.
2) The Amelia Island Plantation Architectural Review Board intends to protect and preserve the natural beauty of Amelia Island Plantation and further intends to prevent violations of this covenant by requiring this permit to be obtained prior to the removal of any tree protected by the convenat.
3) Removal of any protected tree, as described in the covenant, without ths permit, is subject to replacement at the owner's expense.
4) Any person, firm, corporation or company intending to remove any protected tree must first apply for and receive from the Architectural Review Board a Tree Removal Permit. The Tree Removal Permit shall be in the possession of the person, firm, corporation or company removing any protected tree.
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