ARB Forms & Guidelines



E) Application for Construction & Improvements

F) Check-Off and Contact Form  [PDF]

N) Preliminary Plan Submittal Checklist

D) ARB Fee Schedule



Design & Construction Guidelines by Section:

 > Table of Contents
 > Executive Summary
 > Section I - Design, Review and Construction Standards
 > Section II - Single Family and Townhome
                                 Community Standards
     ~ Community 1 - Marsh Creek, Sea Marsh, Beach Walker,
                                              Beach Wood Village
     ~ Community 2 - Long Point, Sound Point I & II, Sound Point
                                               Court,The Pointe at Sound Point
     ~ Community 3 - Townhouses
     ~ Community 4 - Ocean Club Drive
     ~ Community 5 - Heron Oaks
     ~ Community 6 - Oak Point
     ~ Community 7 - Little Dunes
     ~ Community 8 - Osprey Village
 > Section III - Villa (Condominium) Standards
 > Section IV - Commercial and Resort Standards
 > Section V -  Appendices (A-T)
       A) Construction Protection and Repair Guidelines
       B) Signage
       C) ARB Meeting Schedule
       D) ARB Fee Schedule
       E) Application for Construction and Improvements
       F) Check-Off and Contact Form for Compliance Agreement
       G) Lot Layout Inspection Report
       H) Compliance Agreement
       I) Final Compliance Inspection Form
       J) Covenants and Restrictions by Subdivision (Villages)
       K) Satellite Dishes
       L) Outdoor Lighting Standards and Procedures
       M) Approved Building Products
       N) Preliminary Plan Submittal Checklist
       O) Tree Protection, Removal and Replacement Policy
       P) Yard Art Policy and Procedures
       Q) Policy Regarding Screen or Net on Property
       R) Driveway Guidelines
       S) Mulch Guidelines
       T) Ground Cover Guidelines


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